Danso Gordon News : Caleb Clothing To Introduce New Designs for Upcoming 2011 Release

Caleb Clothing Company, a street-wear inspired fashion line, is a creative collaboration between music, art and the world of entertainment. Caleb Clothing has set out to diminish the stereotypes while crossing the boundaries of the urban clothing industry with a fun and inspiring new take on today's fashion trends.

The Caleb Clothing brand is gearing up for a photo shoot for their 2011 release of their upcoming new designs. The clothing line recently attended the Magic Tradeshow in Vegas this past August 2010 and has received new venues to carry their line in Florida, Northern California and Colorado.

Caleb Clothing's collection of distinctive designs has echoed internationally building fans from every corner of the world, and each piece from Caleb Clothing, drawing influence from its surroundings, allows you to express your own individuality.

Their "Friends dont let friends drop wack mixtapes" tees are their current bestseller this year with a few amazing new designs to follow up with in 2011.

Mainly influenced by hip-hop and pop artists such as Kid Cudi, Drake, Lupe Fiasco and the B.E.P's. Caleb tees are geared towards the MTV generation with their bold and humorous designs, but what sets the brand apart is also the subtle inspiring messages included like "Drop Beats Not Grenades". All work and no play makes for a very dull person and Caleb encourages being young and enjoying your life, but also being young and enjoying your dreams.

"Caleb is a voice to those that believe one's motivation in life should be deeper than fame or fortune and we express this belief with every stitch of clothing sewn. This is more than a clothing line - it's an art form and our life is the canvas" says Danso Gordon, co-creator of Caleb Clothing, where urban meets sophistication.

"Caleb is not a person...but rather a state of mind. The state of mind to believe that nothing is impossible and dreams are meant to be lived as a reality" Says Danso Gordon. Caleb Clothing complements the expressions and attitudes of today's street wear culture with fun and upbeat designs. Caleb currently sells custom designed tees and has recently released their 2010 collection. Merchandise can be seen in stores from Los Angeles, New York and recently Japan and Puerto Rico.

Caleb Clothing. Letsgetit.

Follow their journey at www.calebclothing.com

Caleb Clothing is managed by Caleb Productions Inc, out of the greater Los Angeles area. Caleb Productions is also in the process of developing the full-length feature "I am Normal".

Founded by a fellow Filmmaker; who at a young age dreamed of becoming a Portrait Artist, designing shirts seemed to come natural. This "hobby" evolved into more than just a pastime and eventually it was realized that the concept of creating clothing geared towards musicians, artists and dreamers was more than a concept but a lifestyle. Today the company is opening more doors for itself and continues to build a solid following.

Caleb Clothing Target Demographic:
Ages 15-25 | Alternative Hip-Hop-Musicians | Artists | Dreamers-Los Angeles (West Coast) - Look out for new designs to roll out in 2011.

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